2009. május 24., vasárnap

Bgirl Melusine(France) at a battle. DOPE

All The Ladies Say - Dance Trailer

All The Ladies Say is a film that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago, who have carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentarys main characters. International dancers not only make appearances but also add their two cents about life as a B Girl in the Hip-hop world. The director is a veteran female breakdancer, (B Girl Rokafella), who co-founded Full Circle Producutions, Inc. in 1996 with her husband Kwikstep. For over a decade, their mission has been to present uplifting Hip Hop dance performances and provide educational Hip Hop dance programming through out NYC. In 2005, Rokafella felt the timing was perfect to introduce a national introspective discussion series, bringing the community together to address issues on personal and professional levels that can be resolved with sensitive and open dialogue. She wrote a grant proposal to the Ford Foundation to fund this series of discussions called The B Girl Sitdowns. In 2006 she curated a six city series of discussions and activities that would be organized and hosted by female street dancers in their respective cities, extending an invitation to all Hip Hop artists, male and female alike. The archival footage began to develop a story of its own and so began the quest to produce a documentary about the journey of B Girls. Full Circle has recently received a film production grant from Bronx Council on the Arts, which adds to Rokafellas continuous fund raising efforts. On June 3, 2009, Full Circle will bring the main characters of All The Ladies Say to the Bronx Museum to partake in a film screening, Q & A, dance classes and dance demonstration, as part of local teen council party and film fund raising activity. The website for the film has been recently launched, http://www.alltheladiessay.com, and more information can be also seen at http://www.fullcirclesoul.com. All the Ladies Say, a Documentary Film Directed by A. Rokafella Garcia Directors of Photography - Jaquita Tale, Nadia Hallgren Editors - Footnote Media Group & Melissa Ulto, Multo.com/1LineMedia.com

represent Bgirl Rokafella

Interview with SHIE-CHAN

Japanese bgirl Shie chan!
Crews: Air Real,Quenn of qweenz,Kyoto Bboy Crew

Project K-Bgirls show at Jeonju Bboy Grand Prix 2009

Korean bgirlss

Mosufu bgirl crew vs Melting force at Battle Energies Urbaines

Francee :Sarah, Manuela, 7ta, Saym, BBoy Julie :)

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Bgirl Narumi 2008-2009 Japan

Kyoto bboy crew, Qween of qweenz, Body Carnival, Flexible Flav

B-Supreme 2009

UK vs Europe Bgirl battle

UK vs US

USA vs Europe

judges showcase