2009. október 14., szerda

IBE 2009 BGIRL battle

Bgirls from: France,Hungary,Spain,Poland,Italy,Japan...
some bgirl: Narumi,Manuela,Sarah,Shie chan,Emilka, Marie,Szemi,Nagi,Julie,7tha,Tivy,Cugi,Achan,Butyok,Saym,Mae,Meli...
check the videos that was interesting :):D

and the final:
Qween of Qweenz from Japan vs Poland

Qween of qweenz won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bgirl France 2009



WINNER: Manuela(France)-- Figure2style

2009. június 24., szerda

Bgirl Dora from Hungary

One of the best powermovier bgirl on the world!!!
She is from Hungary.Budapest
Sick 7

Little trailer MOSUFU BgirlZ cru 2008

Bgirl Sarah, Bgirl 7ta, bgirl Saym, Bgirl manuela !!

2009. június 15., hétfő

2009. május 24., vasárnap

Bgirl Melusine(France) at a battle. DOPE

All The Ladies Say - Dance Trailer

All The Ladies Say is a film that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago, who have carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentarys main characters. International dancers not only make appearances but also add their two cents about life as a B Girl in the Hip-hop world. The director is a veteran female breakdancer, (B Girl Rokafella), who co-founded Full Circle Producutions, Inc. in 1996 with her husband Kwikstep. For over a decade, their mission has been to present uplifting Hip Hop dance performances and provide educational Hip Hop dance programming through out NYC. In 2005, Rokafella felt the timing was perfect to introduce a national introspective discussion series, bringing the community together to address issues on personal and professional levels that can be resolved with sensitive and open dialogue. She wrote a grant proposal to the Ford Foundation to fund this series of discussions called The B Girl Sitdowns. In 2006 she curated a six city series of discussions and activities that would be organized and hosted by female street dancers in their respective cities, extending an invitation to all Hip Hop artists, male and female alike. The archival footage began to develop a story of its own and so began the quest to produce a documentary about the journey of B Girls. Full Circle has recently received a film production grant from Bronx Council on the Arts, which adds to Rokafellas continuous fund raising efforts. On June 3, 2009, Full Circle will bring the main characters of All The Ladies Say to the Bronx Museum to partake in a film screening, Q & A, dance classes and dance demonstration, as part of local teen council party and film fund raising activity. The website for the film has been recently launched, http://www.alltheladiessay.com, and more information can be also seen at http://www.fullcirclesoul.com. All the Ladies Say, a Documentary Film Directed by A. Rokafella Garcia Directors of Photography - Jaquita Tale, Nadia Hallgren Editors - Footnote Media Group & Melissa Ulto, Multo.com/1LineMedia.com

represent Bgirl Rokafella

Interview with SHIE-CHAN

Japanese bgirl Shie chan!
Crews: Air Real,Quenn of qweenz,Kyoto Bboy Crew

Project K-Bgirls show at Jeonju Bboy Grand Prix 2009

Korean bgirlss

Mosufu bgirl crew vs Melting force at Battle Energies Urbaines

Francee :Sarah, Manuela, 7ta, Saym, BBoy Julie :)

2009. május 3., vasárnap

Bgirl Narumi 2008-2009 Japan

Kyoto bboy crew, Qween of qweenz, Body Carnival, Flexible Flav

B-Supreme 2009

UK vs Europe Bgirl battle

UK vs US

USA vs Europe

judges showcase

2009. április 12., vasárnap

Madlib - Live at Sesc Pompéia, Săo Paulo



Bit rate : 1 074 Kbps
Nominal bit rate : 1 150 Kbps
Width : 352 pixels
Height : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 4/3
Frame rate : 29.970 fps


Bit rate : 224 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
Resolution : 16 bits

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FatBeats Records

Since its inception on July 14, 1994, Fat Beats, Inc. has had one mission: to become the international Mecca for true lovers of Hip Hop. Owned by Joseph Abajian (DJ, B-Boy, and producer, DJ Jab), and partners with Ryan Sikorski in the Amsterdam operation, Fat Beats first opened it's doors as a small, retail store in a basement location at 323 East 9th Street in Manhattan's East Village. Since then, Jab has seen his company explode all over the place -- worldwide that is -- Fat Beats Retail has locations in NYC, LA and Amsterdam; Fat Beats Distribution is the premier international independent distribution company specializing in vinyl; Fat Beats Records is a rapidly emerging force as an independent label marketing and promoting it¹s own releases to tremendous early success; and the newly operational www.fatbeats.com is destined to corner the market in on-line hip hop sales.

Specializing in hard to find vinyl independents, classics, break beats, dj paraphernalia and merchandise such as clothing, turntables, slip mats, and dj needles (as well as cd¹s and cassettes), Fat Beats Retail is THE spot for the music lover with a passion for all things hip hop. The retail stores super-serve the market that the owner and CEO considers himself a part of: the true Hip Hop head. Nothing happens in Hip Hop that the Fat Beats consumer doesn¹t know about. To keep up with the consumer, Fat Beats employees are likely to be top area djs and a true representation of the customer visiting the store. There are current discussions on going regarding the opening of new Fat Beats Retail locations in several major markets spanning the globe.

Fat Beats Distribution has a worldwide clientele for wholesale and mail-order selections of various independent releases, crucial hard to find classics, Hip Hop videos, magazines, and graffiti paraphernalia. The Fat Beats Distribution customer is, no doubt, that crucial mom & pop retailer or dj store that every Hip Hop artist and record company needs to 'break' their record. Decidedly not a one stop, Fat Beats Distribution only carries exclusive lines and titles that the underground Hip Hop consumer is dying to throw on their turntables. Fat Beats Distribution boasts a customer base that extends to nearly every corner of the globe and puts records on the shelves of retailers and in front of consumers in every continent. Fat Beats Records, due to it¹s earned reputation, has an open door relationship to all of the hottest young, underground producers and emcees in the Hip Hop community and has already received much attention from major labels eyeing Fat Beats as an A&R source in hopes of landing the next big artist.

The Fat Beats website is a natural extension of the existing worldwide Fat Beats consumer population and the ever evolving Internet shopping experience. Having already established the brand name as interchangeable with independent Hip Hop, the Fat Beats web site has long received 'hits' from hungry consumers looking for a way to obtain product. The demand is there and now Fat Beats is primed to fulfill that demand. In it¹s short but exciting history, Fat Beats has worked with a series of artists; distributing and marketing a continuous flow of some of the most successful young artists in Hip Hop today. Artists affiliated with Fat Beats include D.I.T.C. (Showbiz, AG, Diamond, Lord Finesse, Big L., Buckwild, O.C. and Fat Joe), Atmosphere, J-Zone, Jurassic 5, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Dilated Peoples, Bumpy Knuckles, Afu-Ra, Reflection Eternal, Non-Phixion, El The Sensei, Kool Keith, Indelibles (Company Flow, The Juggaknots, and J-Treds), The X-Ecutioners, Roc Raida, Diezzle Don and Redman and many others.

Record labels that have worked closely with, and profited tremendously from their relationship with Fat Beats include ABB Records, Battle Axe Recordings, DITC, D&D Recordings, Fondle'Em Records, Stones Throw, Audio Research, Guesswyld, and every other exciting and young independent record label. Newly formed alliances with companies such as Loud, Tommy Boy, Interscope, Caroline, and Koch speak volumes to the impact that Fat Beats is making at all levels of the Hip Hop landscape.

Over the course of eight years, Fat Beats has developed from a small basement store to an international force in the Hip Hop music business. Pioneering a market (vinyl sales) that previously seemed intentionally forgotten by the music industry, Fat Beats single handedly breathed life into the format. The resurgence of vinyl product (from such labels as Rawkus, Loud, Tommy Boy, Def Jam, etc.) over the last several years is a direct testament to the accomplishments of Fat Beats. Fat Beats is clearly capable of assessing what it is that the people want to hear. The company is highly selective in deciding which artists and labels to become associated with because Fat Beats believes in meeting a certain standard of quality. This method of operation is what has caused our customers to develop a trust in all Fat Beats products. It is the source of the company¹s credibility and the basis for every new area of growth that Fat Beats intends to move into.


B-boy Slonenok - B-boy Connection (Part I-II) (2005)


02 Hardy's Jet Band - Frucade Hit
03 Kraak and Smaak - Squeeze Me
04 James Brown - Funk Power
05 RJD2 - 1976
06 Paty Drew - Fever
07 Rare Earth - I Couldn't Believe What Happened Last Night
08 Herbaliser - Goldrush
09 Electric Indian - Raindance
10 Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
11 Layafette Afro Rock Band - A.I.E. (A Mwana)
12 MFSB - Family Affair
13 Herman Kelly - Dance To The Drummers Beat
14 Rhythm Heritage - Blockbuster
15 Inner Life - You got me dancing
16 DJ Ben - Mexico Style



2.Mac monkey
3.Transitional I
4.B-boy Stage
5.B-boy’s and b-girl’s(Part I)
6.Break the body
7.Transitional II
9.Get down
10.Transitional III
11.In electric city
12.B-boy’s and b-girl’s(Part II)
13.My funk show
14.Freestyle(Sample track)
15.Lose Battle
16.Transitional IV(The end)
17.Selfes(In electric boogie)

Armory Survival Gear by Freestyle Session



Sarah Bouyahyaoui AKA BGirl Sarah, 19 years old and danced for 8 years, Professionnal Dancer/Choreographer, Cie FIGURE 2 STYLE / MOSUFU. I practiced breakdance, newstyle, hype, lockin, house. Judge international battle bgirl R16 2009(Corea), winner battle Energies Urbaines 1vs1 Bgirl 2009 (France), winner Battle Of The Year Bgirl international 2008 (GERMANY), Winner battle We B*girlz 2008 (GERMANY), Winner Battle Of The Year Bgirl France 2008, Winner Europe 2 HIP-HOP AWARDS 2008, Publication on GRAFF IT Magazine/BOD Magazine, Interview in PASSION HIP-HOP...

Lady Flavor from Spain

Saym from france (BodyTalk)

Dóra from Hungary

Miwa and Fabgirl from Brazil


I..m Bgirl, MC, producer and manager. Recently I produced the most biggest Brazilian Breaking competition BATALHA FINAL (www.myspace.com/batalhafinal) outside of Brazil, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The pics are disponible in my album. In 2009 we..ll have much surprises and our event will be in more 12 or 15 countries. About me: I started in 2000, in this time I already was singing Rap but didn..t know the Breaking. I could never stop to dance, never more! I was judging in several competitions in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. I did a lot of works on television and I won the last South american Bgirls Battle (www.sudaka.cl), and the We Bgirlz Battle Brazil and I was in Germany to represent my country for the first time in this competition and first time to Brazil. I love what I do and my life is it! Miwa


Misslee and Hemmy from Korea


I'm a bgirl and I love breakin. I love hearing the right song and feeling like you can dance forever. I grew up in Utah, but I was born in Korea. I went to Seoul for a year, came back, and went back again to dance. I work as a bgirl now in Able Crew. I love to do many things like dance, art, music, and almost anything. I try to keep busy, but I also love sleep. www.cyworld.com/bgirllee


Emiko from the USA

About Emiko:

I'm a crazy Japanese girl who moved to the USA 7 years ago, and I dance everywhere I go. I dance in night clubs, streets, restaurants, bathrooms, even when I'm sleeping. I started dancing at age of 7. I dance ballet, modern, breakin', house, hiphop, salsa, jazz, african....anything called dance. Dancing is my life!!! Without dancing there will be no me here right now. I'll be dancing for all my life!!! Moreover I love my occupation very much since we are the one reaching to others spirits and energies, heart to heart! No one else can do that! I'm happy to be a dancer. By the way, I don't dance like other girls....sometimes.....but not often....shaking my ass is not dancing!!!! I battle everybody in circles and take them out! Heeee! Don't be scared, I'm just dancing. my bio Emiko Sugiyama ( Energetic Motion In Kinetic One) Began dancing at the age of 7 in Japan. She was trained in ballet for 10 years but eventually stopped and came to the U.S. to study physical therapy at UC Davis in 1999. At this time she met Michael Cagly a hip hop teacher who introduced her into breaking. Emiko Soon became a member of “Flexible Flave” crew and traveled to battle other crews in NY, AZ, and TX. In 2001 Emiko moved to LA to be a professional dancer. She trained ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern at the Edge, Millennium dance complex, and Zeal studios at the time. Also, She joined the hip hop dance company called “One Step Ahead”. After Emiko performed with the company and several artists in LA, she moved to NY to learn more about hip hop culture and joined Illstyle and Peace Production. While she lived in NY, she taught at Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, and other dance studios. Currently, she lives in Philadelphia working with Illstyle and Peace Production, Rennie Harrise Puremovement, Montazh Performing Arts Company. Her credits: Sacramento Kings (NBA and WNBA) half time show, Breakestra Music Video “ Get Your Soul Together,” Warp Tour in Las Vegas, Thalia feat. Fat Joe “I want you” Lipton tour 2003 on ABC Good Morning America. KRS One Warren G & Lil Ai Music video, AMC Into Character “Electric Boogaloo”, NIKE Town in store commercial, and Emiko has been performing with Illstyle and Peace Production nationally and internationally such as Russia and Poland. Emiko aspires to share not only her skills and abilities but her individuality and personality through dance.

Aya from Japan (faith exist,qween of qweenz)

Julie from Italy

Cuji from Italy

Anne from France

Bgirl Shorty from the USA

Bgirl Red from Extreme crew (Korea)

Bgirl Marie from Legiteam Obstruxion (France)