2009. április 11., szombat

Emiko from the USA

About Emiko:

I'm a crazy Japanese girl who moved to the USA 7 years ago, and I dance everywhere I go. I dance in night clubs, streets, restaurants, bathrooms, even when I'm sleeping. I started dancing at age of 7. I dance ballet, modern, breakin', house, hiphop, salsa, jazz, african....anything called dance. Dancing is my life!!! Without dancing there will be no me here right now. I'll be dancing for all my life!!! Moreover I love my occupation very much since we are the one reaching to others spirits and energies, heart to heart! No one else can do that! I'm happy to be a dancer. By the way, I don't dance like other girls....sometimes.....but not often....shaking my ass is not dancing!!!! I battle everybody in circles and take them out! Heeee! Don't be scared, I'm just dancing. my bio Emiko Sugiyama ( Energetic Motion In Kinetic One) Began dancing at the age of 7 in Japan. She was trained in ballet for 10 years but eventually stopped and came to the U.S. to study physical therapy at UC Davis in 1999. At this time she met Michael Cagly a hip hop teacher who introduced her into breaking. Emiko Soon became a member of “Flexible Flave” crew and traveled to battle other crews in NY, AZ, and TX. In 2001 Emiko moved to LA to be a professional dancer. She trained ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern at the Edge, Millennium dance complex, and Zeal studios at the time. Also, She joined the hip hop dance company called “One Step Ahead”. After Emiko performed with the company and several artists in LA, she moved to NY to learn more about hip hop culture and joined Illstyle and Peace Production. While she lived in NY, she taught at Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, and other dance studios. Currently, she lives in Philadelphia working with Illstyle and Peace Production, Rennie Harrise Puremovement, Montazh Performing Arts Company. Her credits: Sacramento Kings (NBA and WNBA) half time show, Breakestra Music Video “ Get Your Soul Together,” Warp Tour in Las Vegas, Thalia feat. Fat Joe “I want you” Lipton tour 2003 on ABC Good Morning America. KRS One Warren G & Lil Ai Music video, AMC Into Character “Electric Boogaloo”, NIKE Town in store commercial, and Emiko has been performing with Illstyle and Peace Production nationally and internationally such as Russia and Poland. Emiko aspires to share not only her skills and abilities but her individuality and personality through dance.

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