2009. április 11., szombat

Miwa and Fabgirl from Brazil


I..m Bgirl, MC, producer and manager. Recently I produced the most biggest Brazilian Breaking competition BATALHA FINAL (www.myspace.com/batalhafinal) outside of Brazil, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The pics are disponible in my album. In 2009 we..ll have much surprises and our event will be in more 12 or 15 countries. About me: I started in 2000, in this time I already was singing Rap but didn..t know the Breaking. I could never stop to dance, never more! I was judging in several competitions in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. I did a lot of works on television and I won the last South american Bgirls Battle (www.sudaka.cl), and the We Bgirlz Battle Brazil and I was in Germany to represent my country for the first time in this competition and first time to Brazil. I love what I do and my life is it! Miwa


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