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Flowzaic bgirl crew from The UK

About me:

YoYoYO!We are a group of bgirlz located in London UK. The Group are: Sunanda "SunSun" Biswas, Yami "Rowdy" Lofvenberg, Danielle "Genesis" Petrie Flowzaic International: Daria Skowronska. We all have diffrent specialitys mainly in breaking but we also get down with the: Lockin,Poppin,new style,hip hop,house,Lindy hop,Tap,Capoeria etc.. We where formed in the spring of 2005 by Sunanda biswas and Yami Löfvenberg and with some help from Dj Renegade and Independance.We have done several shows/Battles both in the UK and International such as: Breakingconvention UK, Uk Bboy championships(bgirlshowcase), Int Battle Of the Year 2005 Germany(bgirl showcase), Break on Stage Spain 2006(3rd place), Nike promotions tour, We bgirlz 25th Anniversary Lincoln Center New York, IBE Rotterdam 2004(Final placement), Boty France(bgirl battle 2007 winners!) Thursday night throwdown, Urban Games, NASS, Bsupreme, Somerset House, Jump Off,etc...

Flowzaic show

Flowzaic vs Nu_Age bgirls

We B*Girlz Battle 2008 Flowzaic vs. Faces of the circle

We B*Girlz Battle - Under-Revolution vs Flowzaic

Flowzaic from England BOTY 2005

We B*Girlz Battle - Flowzaic vs. Crush EffectZ

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