2009. március 21., szombat


Asia one is one of the most renowned activists in the urban culture - known not only for her personal B-girl style but also for her ambassador style leadership of leading the urban culture into innovative new business arenas.

Her journey began in 1991 when Asia opened Denver's first Hip Hop show and workspace known as "La Casa del Fonk." Fueled by a love for Hip-Hop, and an active interest in Graffiti art, Asia strived to bring the inner cities youth, riddled by gang violence, together to learn about Hip-Hop from a cultural perspective. This innovative spot utilized the talents of youth to create and market clothing, music and art, and also served as a center to practice the skills of Hip-Hop, b-boying/ b-girling, graffiti art, deejaying and emceeing.

Asia One site: http://www.asia-1.org/

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