2009. március 20., péntek

Bgirl Babyson trailer

Soria A.K.A Babyson Dancer choregrapher 25 years old and dance since 99. Member of the crew Wanted posse world champion in 2001 and the only girl of this crew. This crew is consider as one of the best in the world. Winner of Battle of the year, Pro Am in Miami category Bonny & Clide, Total Session in grenoble, Hip hop Kemp in tchek republik, BBoy dance dynamite in Japan... Worked with artist like Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, Julie Zenatti, Saian Supa crew, Kool Shen... Judged battle in France, England, Belgium, Swiss, Turkey... Commercials for nike, ecko unltd, Two angle, Eboniks.

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