2009. március 20., péntek

Bgirl Narumi Interview + Trailer

Name / B-Girl Name

Crew / Country

Body Carnival. Kyoto b-boy crew from Japan

When did you start breaking? Give us a little history to your story.

I have been breakin' for 7 and a half years. When I started breaking, I was bored in my life so I wanted to find something interesting. And I found break dance.

How and why did you become involved with "She Got Game?"
I think Jessefex from USA, she introduced me. I also got an invite from Stash and some people.

Your signature move?
My flow, power moves and tricks.

What will you be doing to win the competition and top all the other B-Girls?
I always try to do my best. And I want to enjoy myself and have a real battle.

Who do you look up to, influences?
Ichigeki from Japan.

What sneakers do you plan to rock to the event?
I will wear NIKE.

What does breakdancing mean to you and how has it influenced your life?
I think break dancing gave me everything from good friends to great experiences and generally bettered my life.

Why are B-Girls better than B-Boys?
I think B-girls don’t have enough muscles to do break. In that way, we always have to think how can we show better, different moves. But I don’t care, I think all of them, B-boys and B-girls, are great.
Any additional comments you would like to make
Thank you for having me do this interview. I really hope to enjoy this event. I hope I will have good time there. Thank you.
PS. There are a lot of good B-girls in Japan. I wanna show you guys more Japanese B-girls.

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